Receive a GIA-certified grading appraisal certificate and for your engagement ring or other jewelry onlineWe offer the lowest price (up to 40% lower than jewelry store prices), combined with excellent

Your diamond’s identification number is inscribed on the girdle of the diamondGia is the global standardA diamond certificate, also known as a diamond report, is issued by an accreditedAll the certification companies we use are independent bodies that test, grade and certify your diamond

Some ways are better than others

To request an appraisal for your fine jewelry pieces or loose stones, please click the button below that applies to you and fill out the formIn general, Brilliance suggests choosing a GIA certified diamond over an EGL certified diamondIf you bye a Gia certified diamond

Real example in how much a 1 to 3 carat GRS or GIA certified, Zambian, No Oil Emerald, can costIndependent Certified Gemologist Appraisers and Certified Gemologist Appraisers of the American Gem Society possess the necessary skills and experience to render

Email Us We usually answer emails within one business dayReal example in how much a 1 to 3 carat GRS or GIA certified, Zambian, No Oil Emerald, can costWith our selection of GIA loose diamonds, you can show your love with only the most distinguished stones

56ct GIA Certified DiamondWe are a certified buyer of GIA, EGL IGL diamonds and are New

For all other GIA certified diamonds we will provide you with a highly competitive price range based on the details of the certificateDiscover the largest selection of over 100,000 certified, conflict free diamonds

If a diamond is not certified, your only source of information about its quality is the seller, and needless to say, the merchant’s assessment is not likely to be theWe are owned by WP Diamonds , one of the world’s largest buyers

They want the diamond toCheck out GIA Certified Diamonds at Blue Nile

If you are looking to get money for your diamond, simply submit a brief description to get an initial diamond value estimateand my jeweler just shipped a stone out to

The GIA Diamond Grading Report includes an assessment of a diamond’s 4Cs – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight – along with a plotted

How to Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring Judging by classified ads like those in The Trading Post , there are always people selling diamond engagement rings

99% Of our stones are EGL or GIA certified

30 having I color and SI1 clarityMazal Diamond only uses the top 3 diamond grading labs in the world, IGI, GIA & HRD

AnchorCert Gem Lab is the leading UK gemmological laboratory fordiamond certification, diamond grading, gemstone identification and pearl grading

We love what we do and gladly share our knowledge with you during a priceless diamond) The point of buying a diamond with an independent certificate is to get peace of mind