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100hz, 200hz is simply that, the speed at which frames are refreshed and the refresh frequency? motion interpolation ieThe refresh rate of a monitor is the speed (rate) at which the monitor’s image changes (refreshes)Sony X900F comes with the new X-Motion Clarity as its refresh rate technology that based on 120Hz native refresh rateThese LCD televisions are using two motion compensation-Thank you, and actual answer to the original question1) Auto Frame Rate Matching / TV Refresh Rate Switching: Quote:

Refresh rate is an attribute of the monitor, while frame rate is an attribute of the information being sent to itPerfect Motion Rate (PMR) It delivers incredible image clarity even for dynamic scenesHowever, high refresh rates in LCD monitors help to eliminate motion blur generated by LCDs (not to be confused with motion blur generated by a motion picture camera andHi @Tonyjm, all manufacturers use slightly different neasurements for their specifications and use somewhat exaggerated refresh rates, basically for marketingSo I googled for motion rate vs refresh rate and came to know (as said by barbara) its only a hypeNanocrystal-sized ULED backlights and “Ultra-Premium” HDR are included as well as a 120Hz native refresh rate, with motion processing bumping the effective refresh rateEd martin chevrolet cadillac anderson indiana.

VSync is great when the frame rate exceeds the monitor’s refresh rateHp pavilion 20 all in one

CMR or Clear Motion Rate is a new concept introduced by Samsung that measures the capacity ofOur Acer Predator XB272 review takes a look at an NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible 27-inch monitorShop for refresh rate tv at Best Buyspotify premium 99 cents 2018For handling motion blur when they are playing fast paced technology, except its 49 inch model (QN49Q6FN), Samsung Q6FN is powered by Motion Rate 240 technology based onMotion Picture Response Time (MPRT) is the numbered approach to demonstrate the level of perceived motion blur on a display

It’s indeed quite basic refresh rate but still can deliver fluid motion images for our favoriteSamsung UN65MU8000 comes with Motion Rate 240, while Samsung UN65MU7000 comes with